Barrier-Free & Access Control System in 2019

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Company: Casa Do Benfica de Toronto Project Type: Universal Washrooms Date Completed: May 2018

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Company: Ripe Juicery

Access Control
Access Control

Project Type: Universal Washrooms Date Completed: June 2018 (Please add pictures)

Company: First Alliance Church Project Type: Universal Washrooms Date Completed: May 2018

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Our Services

Best Brothers Group of Companies offers the following services:

Automatic Doors

Commercial properties are much more functional and accessible when automatic doors are installed. It gives your own clients a more comfortable way of visiting your business. We can arrange and install the automatic doors of your choice whilst complying to AODA standards.

Barrier-Free Washrooms (Universal Washrooms)

Handicap washroom is often compromised when it comes to safety and security because no one gives much thought to it. At Best Brothers Group we value privacy and we will be able to help you with washroom kits which include with/without door operation, activation buttons and electric strike doors for locking.

Security Camera

Who is watching when you aren’t? Our security cameras are extremely reliable and trustworthy, bringing an image that is crystal clear. You can keep your home or business safe with our range of security cameras and expertise.

Access Control

We assist a business in controlling the flow of traffic in and out of the building. Our services are easily adaptable to meet your requirements and includes access control management, time attendance, and visitor management.

Intercom Systems

With our innovative and newest technology, easily manage your visitors from anywhere you are through your mobile phone. Whether it is for a residential home or business, we have the intercom system that will meet your needs and requirements.


Renovations should always be done with adequate building plans so that your business remains absolutely secure. We offer expert advice, tips, and tricks from our experienced technicians to make the renovation process less stressful, allowing you to make the most of your home improvement.


As you know, Best Brothers Group of Companies values giving back and helping out the community. What better way to give back than charity? In 2018, we donated a Di-tec HA8 Standard Profile Operator with installations included to Yee Hong Charity and Markham Stouffville Hospital. We hope to bring the community closer together by creating a more accessible and safe place.