Lindt Lindor,Haigh’s & Koko Dark Milk Chocolate Companies

Chocolate is much similar to wine. Everybody has their preferred kind, individual taste, and brand inclinations, and ones they truly disdain. Some even select individuals abhor it by and large (why, however?). Be that as it may, what amount does our chocolate inclinations have to do with the value, our recollections of it or even the bundling?


To street test 13 distinctive dairy milk chocolate results of shifting value focus, we enrolled the ability of two arbitrarily chosen staff here at The Huffington Post Australia to appreciate some chocolate (hard, we know) and offered their musings on every chocolate – all while blindfolded.

1. Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate – $4.70

Jane: Oh, I cherish a bar of fine focused chocolate. I like that this one immediately dissolves into your mouth and discharges its caramel goodness. It’s a bit too brisk even to consider melting, however. What’s more, the caramel is a minor piece overcooked. I would give that six out of 10, and I suppose that it’s mid-run.

Bounce: It has an exceptional surface smooth surface territory. I was sure it was Lindt when I previously bit into it – it tasted a bit Lindt-y – however at this point I’m not entirely sure. I didn’t care for it towards the end. Ehh, I’d give it five out of 10, and I believe it’s mid-run.

2. Haigh’s Milk Chocolate – $10.10

Jane: It has a capricious shape. Practically like a parallelogram. Sway: It’s genuinely flimsy. Furthermore, it’s excessively sweet. I discover the sweetness demands itself. That’s right; I think modest. I give it a 3.5 out of 10.

Jane: Mmm, it has a significant decent sweet richness to it. I like the sweetness. I believe it has a delicate liquefying time – it’s not very rapidly or gradually. I’m going to mid to high-extend. I don’t think it’s modest chocolate. I’d give that 6.6 out of 10.

3. Koko Dark Milk Chocolate – $8.90

Jane: It’s a significant moderate melter. I think how it melts the chocolate. I wouldn’t fret this. Weave: You’re about the liquefy. I like this. It has every one of the components I want yet it’s excessively sweet. Jane: I like it yet there’s nothing extraordinary about this. It resembles the vanilla of chocolate. You have it since it’s preferences, OK. I believe it’s healthy so I would give it a five out of 10. I think it’s likely shabby.

Sway: I think I comprehend what that is. I believe it’s the Willy Wonka chocolate – it tastes well-known. I recall my chocolate. It’s a little on the sweet side, so I give it a seven, and it’s on the high side of modest.